El Buho

After almost becoming a biomedical engineer, El Buho (born Elias Malassidis) studied Music Technology, as well as the art of script writing, and then embarked on a mission to describe in sounds & pictures what he felt the majority doesn’t hear or see. #elephantintheroom

He wrote, directed and scored his first short film, Live Broadcast in 2009. The film won the Special Prize at the Patras International Film Festival (2010) and was an Official Selection at the 32th Short Film Festival in Drama. Intersection followed in 2012 and was officially selected at the 35th Short Film Festival in Drama. Another short film, Delete Contact, was completed in 2015.

Live Broadcast - A short film by Elias Malassidis
Intersection - A short film by Elias Malassidis
Delete Contact - A short film by Elias Malassidis

In the meantime, El Buho kept writing music and/or scripts for short films, and video commercials [1, 2, 3].

In late 2014, El Buho released his first single The First Heartbeat and prepared his future releases. Flow, a collection with all the soundtracks he scored, was released in 2019.

The 2020 lockdowns found El Buho working on his first album with non-soundtrack material. The single Shopping List was released in February 2021, followed by Solarium Blaze in July of the same year.

His album The Time It Takes to Break Out of the Shell was released in November 2021.

El Buho loves orchestral pop & film scores and is fascinated by urban landscapes.


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