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The Time It Takes to Break Out of the Shell

My new album – in fact my first release with non-soundtrack material – was released on November 5, 2021.

This collection of tracks waited for a while until the time was right, and I am really happy with the results.

Two of the tracks are the fruits of my collaboration with my friend Tina Psalida on the violin. Tina’s contribution to the tracks was invaluable, and we both know this is the start of a long joyride.

Last but definitely not least, the album was produced by Ulysses Dezaag aka odvpo, a friend whose tracks I had lost for a while (no pun intended), only to reunite with him and discover (or in fact be reminded of) his producing skills. Ulysses brought a new air to this record and created a common sonic denominator that couldn’t have been made possible without him. El maestro salutes you.

Track listing:

1. Minor Road (Intro)
2. Minor Road to Somewhere
3. Solarium Blaze
4. Exit Plan
5. 1985
6. Rumours
7. The Mother of All Things
8. Shopping List
9. Tangent One (featuring Tina Psalida)
10. The Possession of Truth (featuring Tina Psalida)
11. The Time it Takes to Break Out of the Shell
12. Street Lights, 6 a.m.
13. The First Heartbeat
14. Minor Road (Outro)



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